Firewood, Bulk Salt and Ice Melting Products in South Lyon, MI

As you plan for our Oakland County winter storms “weather” it be freezing rain, or a major snow fall, you can rest assured that we at Stone Depot Landscape Supplies in South Lyon, MI are stocked with all the Bulk Road Salt and sidewalk salt you will need. Here in South Lyon Stone Depot Landscape Supplies we pride ourselves in carrying Oakland County’s most popular de-icing products for all your snow removal needs, we have Bulk Road Salt, bags of Peladow Calcium Chloride, Dragon Melt Ice-Melter, Liquid Calcium Chloride and Rock Salt.  You need it we have it.

Stone Depot offers repairs on all Major brands of snowplow and salt spreader equipment, Boss, Western, Buyers SalltDogg, Buyers SnowDogg, and Meyer.  Looking for a new snowplow or salt spreader Stone Depot has that too! Just give the pros here a call at 248-437-1719 and we will hook you up with the newest innovative snow and ice equipment available.

Keep up with the ever-changing product lines by liking us on FaceBook or InstaGram. We now provide you with a piece of mind when you join our text messaging service, you will be notified of all emergency hour changes. Contact us at 248-437-1719 to join this program.

Other landscaping products provided by Stone Depot Landscape Supplies in South Lyon, Milford, Wixom, Northville, and Ann Arbor, MI are Quikrete products, weed barriers, lawn edging, mixed hardwood firewood and bulk salt. Come to us for sand and gravel, mulch and soil, pavers, and more.




Mixed Hardwood

  • Please Call for Pricing

Campfire Wood (When Available)

  • Please Call for Pricing

Boiler Wood

  • Please Call for Pricing

*Face Cord is equal to a single stack of wood 4ft high and 8ft long.


Bulk Salt & Ice Melting Products

  • Please Call for Pricing

We are open 24 hours during inclement weather.

All products are sold by the yard. Products are also available by the bag.



  • Please Call for Pricing


Quikrete Products:

  • Quikrete Ready Mix
  • Quikrete Portland: 94 lb.
  • White Sand
  • Oaks Sand Polymeric Optimatrix Sand



Edging, Weed Barriers, Connectors, Anchors and More:

  • Anchors for Weed Barrier
  • Burlap: 3′ x 100′, 4′ x 100′, 6′ x 100′
  • Burlap: 3′ x 300′, 4′ x 300′, 6′ x 300′
  • Connectors for Edging: Straits
  • Connectors for Edging: T’s, V’s, 90’s, 120’s
  • Cutters: Backwoods (7.5 Oz)
  • Deer Off: Repellant / Spray bottle
  • Easy Straw: Covers 300 Square Feet
  • Efflo Cleaner: Brick Cleaner (1 Gal)
  • Geo Textile (GeoMat – Underlayment): 12.5 x 432
  • GeoGrid: 4′ x 50′, 6′ x 150′, 6′ x 300′ (Wall Grid)
  • Glue: (for Brick Products) (10 oz. Tube) (28 oz. Tube)
  • Grass Seed (Shady, Sun Mix, Sun/Shade)
  • Lawn Edging: Aluminum (Black, Bronze, Green, Silver)
  • Lawn Edging: Black Diamond: 5 1/2″ x 20′ with 4 Stakes and 1 Connector
  • Paver Edging: (Aluminum / Plastic) 8 Feet
  • Penn Mulch
  • Poison Oak / Ivy Killer
  • Preen: Garden Weed Preventer
  • Preen: Garden Weed Preventer And Food DSP
  • Preen: One Lawn Garden
  • Preen: Weed Control
  • Quikrete (Portland / Ready Mix)
  • Sealer: Brick Pavers (1 Gal, 2.5 Gal, 5 Gal)
  • Slurry Remover: (1 Gal)
  • Softener Salt with Iron Out: 40 lb.
  • St. Mary’s (Portland / Mortar Type N / Mortar Type S)
  • Stake Kit: 4 Stakes and 1 Connector
  • Stake Kit Only
  • Stakes
  • Steel Edging (4″ x 10′ With 4 Stakes)
  • Straw Bales / Straw Blankets (4 x 50, 8 x 112.5)
  • Sweeping Sand (Polymeric Sand – Brown or Grey): 50 lb.
  • Triazicide
  • Wasp / Hornet Killer
  • Weed Barrier: Pro Grade: 3′ x 50′
  • Weed Barrier: Pro Grade: 4′ x 100′
  • Weed Barrier: Pro Grade: 4′ x 300′
  • Weed Barrier: Pro Grade: 6′ x 100′
  • Weed Barrier: Pro Grade: 6′ x 300′
  • Xylene Stripper: Remover / Sealer (1 Gal)


How Can I Calculate Landscape Product Coverage?

Coverage Configuration: (Length x Width = Square Footage)

1 Yard Area (Sq. Feet) 140 105 70 50 35 27
Approx. Depth (Inches) 2 3 4 6 8 12

*Prices are subject to change without notice.