Boulders & Flagstones in South Lyon, MI

As the premier stone supplier in South Lyon, Milford, Wixom, Northville, and Ann Arbor, MI, Stone Depot Landscape Supplies has a vast inventory of stone including natural boulders and flagstones. Contact us today for boulders, flagstones, ledge rock, delivery and rental services, winter products, and more!


Natural Boulders

*Please call for pricing.



6″-12″(approx. 70-75 rocks)
12″-18″(approx. 25 rocks)
18″-24″(approx. 6-8 rocks)
36″ and up

If choosing specific boulders charged by the each pricing.
1 yard = approx. 1.25 TON



*Please call for pricing.

STEPS (Dimensional)

Mocha Mint Steps: 18″ x 7″ x 4′



*Please call for pricing.



Approx. Pallet Wt.Approx. Coverage/Ton
Dove Flag1 ½” – 2″2000 #80-110 sq. Ft
Emerald Grey1 ½” – 2″2000 #80-110 sq. Ft
Midnight Blue1 ½” – 2″2000 #80-110 sq. Ft
Mojave1 ½” – 2″2000 #80-110 sq. Ft
Canadian FlagstoneBuff1″ – 2″4400 #80-100 sq. Ft
Ohio Blue Flagstone1″ – 2″2000 #80-110 sq. Ft
Ohio Blue XL FlagstoneWhen Avail2″ – 3″3000#80-110 sq. Ft
Pennsylvania Blue XL Flagstone2″ – 3″3000# 80-110 sq. Ft
Tumbled Blue Stone1″ – 1 ½”4000 #100 sq. Ft

No Sorting, no exchange and no returns on flagstones.


Ledge Rock

*Please call for pricing.



Arctic Grey Limestone
Chocolate Amour 6″ Thick Steps
Chocolate Amour Wall Limestone
Mocha/Carmel Mint 6″ Thick Steps
Mocha/Carmel Mint Wall Limestone
White Limestone Wall

All products are sold by the yard. Products are also available by the bag.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.