August 17, 2017

"Stone depot is always so friendly and helpful. So glad to have them in South Lyon!!!! The costumer service is what sets them apart from others. Not to mention the competitive pricing. ;)"
August 8, 2017

"Great place to get smooth egg rocks for painting!"
July 29, 2017

"I took the kids that I was babysitting to get some rocks for the South Lyon Rocks Project. Which, if you haven't heard yet, is about random acts of kindness. You paint rocks and hide them for others to find. It's a wonderful thing and you should definitely check it out! Anyways, when I went into the office to get the details on how we would go about getting the rocks, I talked to the owner himself, Ben. When Ben heard why we were getting the rocks he said there would be no charge and was super helpful and friendly to us. I can't promise that you won't be charged for rocks if you go for the same thing, as maybe we were the first people to go to Stone Depot for this reason. But the prices are very reasonable and well worth it. The kids had a ball looking for rocks. We were there over an hour and they found so many treasures that they couldn't wait to get home and paint them. A few tips if you are going to go here for your rocks to paint: you are going to get very dusty, so wear old clothes. Wear tennis shoes. Bring a bag with handles to transfer the rocks into when you leave. The bags they provide are hard for kids to handle. While I did not go for anything "landscaping" related, I still would recommend this place for that. Everyone I talked to on the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The place is huge and it looked well organized. I'll definitely be going back and recommending Stone Depot to others!"
May 29, 2017

"Honest, down-to-earth folks running an honest business! You tell them what you need or what your idea is and they will advise you to their best. Their products are great, their prices are virtually unbeatable. They will work with you! If they can't accomodate, they'll tell you where to go. I have been using them for mulch for years - I am about to switch to rocks :)_Thank you for the fabulous rock wall! I wish I could post pics - I feel like my house is a castle!!!"
October 27, 2016

"Great firewood purchase. I bought a facecord delivered and probably got another half facecord for free in the pile. Excellent wood, seasoned and dry with sizes for bonfire and fireplace, exactly like I requested. They explained it was dumped in my drive and i had it stacked and brushed clear in 30 minutes. Thank you. I will recommend you to friends."