June 5, 2021

"Excellent customer service..."
June 4, 2021

"OMStoned...Definitely will be going back to this place, purchased 2 huge stones from them and thought I could get it out of my car and thought I could get help from someone in my circle or the neighborhood, unfortunately no one was available and so I tried myself, yeah ahh no. Called Stone Depot back and a couple of amazing guys from there, Josh and Scott were total Rock Stars, came out to my house after work, which was probably a cruncher of a day and came out to my house and both got the rock out of my trunk they wouldn't even take my money. They just said we just want you to be happy, ahhh who does that, especially now a days, that is a unique quality. Definitely will be shouting to the rooftops and all around about them and will be revisiting back to them. You guys are amazing and made me believe again in good people and wanting to just help out. Trust me that was a load off my shoulders and my back, literally. I will totally be getting stoned again at Stone Depot. Thank you so much, you guys are walking angels. PAULETTE PRATEL"
June 3, 2021

"Just found out about this place yesterday, so I drove out to see what they had in the line of black mulch. The guys working the yard were extremely friendly which really impressed me. Ordered 5 yards of mulch and they delivered it today and sure enough, the guy driving the truck was just as friendly and courteous as the other guys there.__In this day and age of insolent and rude people running businesses, this company REALLY has what it takes with their prices, delivery, and friendly employees.__Add me to the list of new life time customers!"
May 29, 2021

"Always use Stone Depot for our mulch._Never disappointed with the quality and quick delivery. Thanks again!!!"
May 22, 2021

"Professional and fast."